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Alison Wood

PALOVUE Liveflow Hi Fi Bluetooth 5 0 Receiver Aux Adapter, Unboxing, Review, Set Up And Test

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PALOVUE LinkFlow Bluetooth 5 0 Receiver Wireless Car Kit Set Up And Test Master If your car does not have Bluetooth Handsfree Audio Streaming then this is an ideal solution for you, Just by plugging the two connections into the Aux In and USB sockets in your car and pairing the device (simple and easy process to your phone, you instantly get Bluetooth Audio Streaming, the sound quality is amazing and indistinguishable from a Factory Fitted Bluetooth Audio System (IMHO) watch my video to see just how easy it is to set up

here is a link to the Palovue Linkflow Bluetooth 5 0 Receiver Wireless Car Kit

Here is a 10% Discount Voucher Code for any viewers of my channel who buy the product through my link

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