Alison Wood

Alison Wood

10 Tips to help you feel better working from home

If you’ve already been working at home since Covid struck, no doubt you’ll have set up a work area but here are a few ideas to boost you’re spirits for Lockdown 2:

1              Get the day off to a good start with a healthy breakfast that’ll keep you from reaching for the biscuits; my favourite is porridge with banana or mix a mashed banana into an omelette to create a banana  pancake – delicious!

2              No need to wear your smartest work suit but it’s probably best for your mindset  if you ditch the PJ’s especially if you’re asked to jump on a last minute Zoom/Teams call!

3              Make the most of your day by planning ahead; keep track of projects and tasks in a smart notebook or perhaps you’d prefer a to-do list pad

4              Take regular breaks away from the screen; revive yourself with a tea or coffee in your favourite mug and make sure you stay hydrated throughout the day  using a  water bottle that tracks your intake (aim for 6-8 glasses a day)

5              Now we’re in Autumn, heading for winter, the days are shorter and often overcast so bringing light into our homes is important. As well as having a well lit work area, why not add some fairy lights on a windowsill, round a mirror  or in a jar to bring some  sparkle.

6              Candles not only give a comforting glow but by lighting a fragranced one you’ll be comforted or uplifted depending on its fragrance. Reed diffusers are also a good alternative without the flame

7              Missing the bustle of the office? lessen feelings of loneliness with some background music from the radio or blue tooth speaker, instrumental music can be calming too.

8              Pop some flowers or a plant in with your weekly shop and bring the joys of nature indoors….. or for something more luxurious, look at (they are delivered to your door and last around 2 weeks) –to get a free bouquet, use code AlisonW413  (I get discount next time I treat myself so we both get a treat!) .

9              Feeling lethargic? need an energy boost? exercise is the answer. No problem if your gym is closed, walking is free and a great way to keep fit, have a change of scenery, receive some fresh air and much needed vitamin D. On those rainy, stormy days a ten minute workout  or quick session on an  exercise bike will also revive you and your productivity levels.

10           Remember to set boundaries for yourself, a good day’s work for a fair day’s pay, set an alarm on your phone if you need to be reminded to switch off the laptop. Let family and friends know your new working hours so they know when not to disturb you – arrange to catch up with them on your breaks or lunch hour – everyone looks forward to a friendly mid-day chat, even more so now!


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